Ada Lovelace Day

Ada_Lovelace_colorAda Lovelace day is this year (2013) celebrated on October the 15th. It’s a day to celebrate to contributions made to STEM fields by women because, let’s face it, men have done rather well in this patriarchal, misogynistic world so far and women have largely been ignored, despite their efforts. On this day, bloggers and writers all get together to write a post on a woman who inspires them in STEM fields, or to raise the profile of a single woman, or women in general, who they think deserves greater recognition. I’ll be contributing this year, mainly because some damn fool allowed me to write stuff on the internet, and also because I’m a feminist (yes, I know I’m a man) who thinks women get a crappy deal, especially in science history.

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The Victorian Age of Dinosaurs


The early to middle eighteen hundreds were an exciting time in the new science of geology.

Mining Engineer William Smith had noticed that the fossils found in each layer of rock were a handy guide to identifying that layer of rock each layer had its own unique collection of flora and fauna. He collected information about the rocks he found as he travelled the country working on the burgeoning canal system. By 1815 he had amassed enough information to make the first geological map of Britain.


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