Really Should Check Before Using Stock Images

imgresThere’s a national referendum going on in Ireland today. The question being posed is should equal marriage rights be allowed for homosexuals.

Here’s one of the posters produced by the ‘No’ side. Unfortunately they used a stock photograph for their poster and the family in the picture don’t share their bigoted views.

They’ve released a statement through Amnesty International saying.

“No one can convince us that life-long unions of so many loving same-sex couples here in the UK and in Ireland, are inferior to heterosexual unions, and it is important to us that our many gay friends know that we feel this way. Discrimination on the grounds of sexuality has no place in the 21st century. If we were residents of Ireland, not the UK, we would vote Yes for marriage equality.”

YES familyYou can read the full statement here. I would have thought that if you are using people in your advert on either side of the debate it would be wise to check their opinions first. Surely the ‘No’ campaign could find one of their own homophobes supporters who were photogenic enough to star in their poster.
This poster produced by Amnesty seems far more appropriate.

Good luck Ireland!